Mission Statement
TheMUDs.org essentially is my gift to the mud community. It takes the information in the InterMUD V2 and V3 databases and resolves them to DNS entries and also provides web forwarding for I3 muds which have a http port. I provide these services as is and without warranty. Hopefully this service is found useful. Any emails to that effect are always welcome.

- Eric von Bayer

Recent Changes
Granted I don't get much time to work on this site, but here are some highlights:
  • Web forwarding now works for any URL
  • New and improved look
  • Much more usable Mud List
  • Conflict report to aid administrators
Welcome to TheMUDs.org!


  • Mud List - Detailed list of muds, their information, and their assigned DNS names. This page is very large (200k-300k) so have patience.

  • Conflict Report - List of MUDs that
  • Error Report - List of MUDs that idon't get DNS due to some error.

General Format:

To be usable as a domain name, the mud names have been stripped of all characters other than alphanumerics (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and hyphens. To make things more readable, colons are converted to hyphens. Sorry, I had to disable all Unicode muds, no mangling was good enough to make a usable and useful name.

The names take the form of:

<mud name>.themuds.org
www.<mud name>.themuds.org


Due to the name mangling strategy, a few muds with differing names have the same DNS entry, because of this when using the IP name, you will get a random mud between all ones with the same name. I cannot and will not fix this; to resolve this, one of the muds MUST change it's name in a way to generate a different DNS name. If however, you had a distributed MUD (and all nodes on the same port), this would in fact be a nice feature.